Aerosol Discount Air Freshener Spray

Aerosol Discount Air Freshener Spray
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Aerosol Discount Air Freshener Spray


  • Eliminate odors, freshen rooms and refresh fabrics by Aerosol Discount Air Freshener Spray.

  • Aerosol Air Freshener Spray mades with naturally-derived ingredients and a non-toxic formula.

  • Mist in  home, hotels, restaurants, office, bar, cinema, restroom, your car, or directly on clothing and linens with Discount Air Freshener Spray.

  • Refresh with our air with essential oils: Lavender, tuberose, vanilla,  strawberry, jasmine, lemon, kulong, pine, lily or any other flavor as your reference.

Good Quality Air Freshener Spray Details

SizeHeight with CoverQTY in 20’gpQTY in 40HQPackage
300mlΦ52mmX235mm43200pcs100800pcs24pcs per carton
360mlΦ52mmX260mm30240pcs73440pcs24pcs per carton
450mlΦ65mmX220mm30000pcs72840pcs24pcs per carton

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Safety Warning

1. Pressurized continent.

2. Keep away from fire,sun or hot source.

3. Do not pierce or bum, even after use.
4. Out of the reach of children.
5. Store in a dry, cool place below 50°C.

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