Pleasant Odor Commercial Air Freshener Spray

Pleasant Odor Commercial Air Freshener Spray
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Pleasant Odor Commercial Air Freshener Spray


Enjoy the invigorating scent of Fresh. Fresh is a glorious scent finished with airy undertones and crisp, vibrant layers. 

High-quality Beter Chemical fragrances are specifically chosen to complement the wildly popular fragrances.

Where and when should I use the Commercial Air Freshener Spray?

Anywhere and anytime you need a burst of luxurious freshness that lasts. You can use in home, hotels, restaurants, office, bar, cinema, restroom.

What is the specification of our Fresh Air Freshener?


Height with CoverQTY in 20’gpQTY in 40HQPackage
300mlΦ52mmX235mm1800CTNs4200CTNs24pcs per carton
360mlΦ52mmX260mm1260CTNs3060CTNs24pcs per carton
450mlΦ65mmX220mm1250CTNs3035CTNs24pcs per carton

What is our Air Freshener Spray features?

1. Quality standard: ISO9001.

2. Convenient and easy to use.

3. Fragrant and sanitary.

4. Fragrance lasts long.

How to pack our products?



What flavor(fragrance) can we offer?

Blueberry, forest, tuberose, mango, orange, jasmine, lemon, lavender, pine, lily or any other flavor as your reference.

What other Betermic Cheal products are available?

Beter Chemical offer many unique ways to keep your home at its best. Insecticide Spray, Mosquito Coil, Starch Spray and Olive Hair Oil are all for you choose.

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