Strong Air Freshener For Home

Strong Air Freshener For Home
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Strong Air Freshener for Home


The New Style Room Freshener and the Aroma Air Freshener are all in the Beter Chemical’s Company. Take a look! We might be the cheapest factory you could ever found in China!!!


 What is the specification of our Room Freshener?   


Height with Cover

QTY in 20’gp

QTY in 40HQ




1800 cartons

4200 cartons

24pcs per carton



1260 cartons

3060 cartons

24pcs per carton



1250 cartons

3035 cartons

24pcs per carton

A. Package of our car air freshenercar air freshener.jpg

B .Where to use our natural air freshener?

You can use in household, hotels, restaurants, office, restroom.

C. Usage our Strong Air Freshener for Home

Please shake well before use.

D.Caution of our Strong Air Freshener


1. Pressurized continent.

2. Keep away from fire,sun or hot source.

3. Do not pierce or bum, even after use.
4. Out of the reach of children.
5. Store in a dry, cool place below 50°C.

E. What flavor can we offer?

Tuberose, mango, orange, jasmine, lemon, lavender, gardenia, pine, lily or any other flavor as your reference.

F. Why our Air Freshener Aerosol are good?

natural air freshener.jpg


 Why choose our COMPANY?                                                                    

1.Big production capacity with 4 production line

2.Head of Beter Chemical got rich experience of both production and foreign sales.



A. What is our minimum order quantity?


B. What is our delivery time?

13-20working days after confirmation.

C. What are our payment terms?

TT or LC are both acceptable.

D. What brands can we offer?

AROMA, FORTTE and BETER CHEMICAL are our own belonging brands, you will get better quality and better support with same prices. You can OEM too.

E. How could you got free samples?

Please feel free to contact us for free samples.

What are our OTHER PRODUCTS?                                                              

 natural air freshener.jpg

How to CONTACT us?                                                                          


Send inquiry to

Or Add whatapp +86-13711373065 /skype: cherrydoinsecticide to got discounts and free samples Now Now!