After the heavy rain, mosquitoes are rampant. Don't forget to clean up the water on the ground in time

After the heavy rain, mosquitoes are rampant. Don't forget to clean up the water on the ground in time

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The recent typhoon brought by Rain Water, "waterlogging born mosquito, drought born fly" at this time the mosquito suddenly increased, is the mosquito breeding "good" season, CDC vector experts remind, after the rain to clean up the water in and out of the room. Prevent mosquito breeding.


Mosquito breeding can not be separated from water, after heavy rain, the surface water will increase, will attract mosquitoes to lay eggs in the water, so the mosquito population will soar. The most important way to eliminate mosquitoes is to thoroughly remove stagnant water from the ground and gutter in front of the house. Without water, there will be no breeding ground for mosquitoes. In addition, flowerpots, water plants and so on to change water. Many people love to plant potted plants, if they do not change water regularly, these plants become mosquito's "paradise." It is reported that in summer heat, mosquitoes from eggs to adult mosquito development takes only about a week, so these containers of stagnant water every time no more than a week.


Mosquitoes are important vectors of many diseases, so don't take them lightly in summer. When mosquitoes are plentiful after rain, insecticide aerosols can be used to kill mosquitoes. Insecticidal aerosol repellent insect, fly, cockroach and other pests quickly and effectively, but generally have micro-poison, spray to close doors and windows, wait 15 to 30 minutes before opening doors and windows ventilation. In the meantime, people should leave the room so as not to affect their health.


Many people use dew water to ward off mosquitoes, feeling that the scent of dew water can drive away mosquitoes. There are two kinds of dew water, one containing mosquito repellent and the other not. The former has repellent effect. Apply mosquito repellent dew to bare skin, such as arms, neck, shank, etc. It is effective within 4 hours.


In addition to chemical mosquito repellent, a healthier, more environmentally friendly method of mosquito repellent is physical mosquito repellent, such as installing screen doors in rooms, screen windows to prevent mosquitoes from flying in, sleeping bed nets and so on.