Air freshener selection of four principles

Air freshener, also known as environmental perfume, is a can purify the air, eliminate the smell of the product, home, office, the car can be used, the application is very wide, had a small series of air freshener to buy four principles, The following to share with you, for everyone to select the air freshener reference.

1, the safety principle

At present, some products have the problem of secondary release after adsorption saturation, and some in the negative ions at the same time the release of the harmful nitroxide, ozone, and some products in the purification of radioactive pollution. So consumers in the purchase, be sure to buy a product qualified logo of the regular manufacturers of products, and to carefully view the product composition of the product.

2, the application of principles

The most common in the room air, the most harmful is formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc., and some products work on a gas, so the purchase should consider the comprehensive function.

3, the principle of lasting effect

As the release of toxic gases is long, its harm to the human body is subtle, so the choice of air purification agent to consider the role of the durability.

4, the use of convenience principles

Product spray, smear, and in the active state of multiple use, will bring inconvenience in use, if the product to paint, air conditioning and other carriers will overcome the above shortcomings.