Air freshener use tips

Summer is coming, due to seasonal reasons, the weather will become very hot, the air at home will be worse, if this time the home also issued a smell, it is really a thing that makes me uncomfortable, so I pay attention to home air Whether it is fresh and good news.

In order to make the home no smell, there are four places is the focus of governance areas, they are refrigerators, rooms, halls and latrines, the following is my corresponding solution

Fridge: As the weather is hot, so a lot of food will be put into the refrigerator, and things will have a lot of taste mixed together, and ultimately the kind of taste is very unpleasant. In order to let the refrigerator will not smell, every weekend, I will scrub the refrigerator again, and then the lemon or grapefruit skin into the refrigerator to protect the refrigerator without food smell; (Westland) refrigerator in addition to charcoal can be effectively removed by the refrigerator Volatile organic TVOC (the main pollution inside the refrigerator); can also effectively remove the onion and garlic and other ingredients of the irritating smell and the refrigerator produced by the moisture. The food in the refrigerator from the no longer have "refrigerator taste" of the

Room and hall: in order to make the room look warm and warm, I will put a few flowers in the windowsill; in order to reduce the radiation brought about by the TV, and make the hall look more comfortable, I will put in the TV next to two Pots of plants; finally sprayed with water fragrance air freshener, this room and the hall not only looks beautiful and comfortable, and smell the elegant fragrance

Toilet: smell a lot of time are distributed from the toilet, so to ensure that the toilet clean and fresh air is very important. I will be in the toilet to put a box of fresh agent, and then rinse the toilet in a timely manner, where the garbage is handled every day, so friends come to the house often said that my family like the toilet, because it is clean and fragrance