Can insecticides kill bugs

Can Insecticides Kill Bugs?

There are a variety of doubts about the use of pesticides . This is because the time that can be applied to this type of product in daily life isn ' t much , and is similar to pesticides that kill bugs , and so on , consumers often ask questions about the business when they buy , then today ' s answer to this type of question is analyzed.

Scope of application of pesticides

General insecticides, both indoor and outdoor, are suitable for use. This is due to the scope of application taken into account in the manufacturing process. And make it a product that can be used anywhere. Of course, if you have children or smaller babies in your home, you need to try to avoid using them when they are there

the effect of the insecticide

The insecticide can remove the insect species according to the need of cleanliness in the home to decide if it is due to debris piled up due to insect infestation, the insecticide can basically remove all insects. But if it is due to personal health problems need to be insect hemitropous, cleaning after the use of Beter Chemical insecticide.

Persistence of pesticides

After the Beter Chemical insecticide has been used once , there is no residual fresh scent , but it can still act on the corners of the room , making the insects no trace . So the consumer will choose to trust the brand .

In fact, when people buy pesticides often consider the problem, can understand the Beter Chemical official website. Because it understands how to consider the issue from the perspective of consumers, and comprehensive consumer demand to transform correspondingly, so that enterprise development at the same time also allows consumers to dispel concerns.

The main components of the insecticide

Is the main effective components of insecticide tetramethrin, pyrethroid insecticides, toxicity to human and animals, the mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other insects have excellent insecticidal and fumigation effect. At present, the commercially available household pesticides are mainly pyrethroid aerosol insecticides, generally used with hit and tetramethrin effect with the lethal effects of permethrin, insecticidal esters were mixed, mixed agent not only has fast hit effect, but also has strong killing effect, the three complement each other, can greatly improve the insecticidal effect. But pyrethroid insecticide pesticides do not dissolve in water, need to use organic solvent as the dispersion medium.