Do you want to kill mosquitoes in winter? To kill one mosquito in winter is to kill a hundred in spring

Do you want to kill mosquitoes in winter? To kill one mosquito in winter is to kill a hundred in spring

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The mosquitoes stopped breeding after the winter temperature dropped. Adult mosquitoes gather in warm, dark places to hide, and metabolic levels drop to extremely low levels. Indoors, mosquitoes may hide in bathrooms, flower pots, under beds, or in gaps in furniture; outside, even piles of fallen leaves, bark seams, can become mosquito winters.


What kind of mosquito can't survive winter? Like people, mosquitoes that eat or live in are hard to weather. Mosquitoes that fail to survive the winter often fail to store enough energy before winter. You can't get enough to find food. The other is that you can't find a suitable place to spend the winter. The natural enemies of mosquitoes, such as birds, frogs, bats, and so on, reduce activity or enter dormancy in winter. Therefore, as long as "eat and live warm", mosquitoes can wait until "spring flowers bloom." In the north, there are more indoor heating, mosquito overwintering "conditions", also improved.


China Health News published an article saying whether mosquitoes start hibernating is determined by temperature. When the temperature is below 10 ℃, mosquitoes no longer breed, but as long as the temperature is above 2 , they can survive.


Why do you say, "if you kill one in the winter, you kill a hundred in the spring?"


From a certain point of view, "one mosquito in winter is equal to 100 in spring and summer the following year."


Anopheles sinensis, for example, may lay 300 eggs at a time during breeding season. A female mosquito can lay 1000 to 3000 eggs in its lifetime. And after the winter kills mosquito, can avoid next year breeding season produces more mosquitoes.


Winter is the best time to kill mosquitoes. The public health department can spray the air raid shelter, the drainage pipe on the main road and the garbage channel in the district to kill the mosquitoes and flies on a large scale.


From April to October every year. The mosquito just came out. Indoor mosquitoes are hard to find in winter, basically not found outside, in autumn, depressions, lawns, places with stagnant water, can hide mosquitoes. Mosquito control mainly lies in the eradication of breeding grounds and comprehensive environmental control.