How long does it take to get in after spraying the Insecticide Spray?

How long does it take to get in after spraying the Insecticide Spray?

Neither indoor nor outdoor insecticides can be near after spraying because it takes about six hours for the residue to disperse.

Advice: If an office worker can spray the insecticide before leaving in the morning; if it is outdoor, it is best to kill in the morning, because the flow of people is relatively low at this time.

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Why don ' t you get in right now ?

Insecticides are usually foggy. They slowly combine with floats in the air during spray and do not dissipate for a long time, when people breathe indoors and breathe in the air containing pesticides. It's bad for your body, so you can't get in immediately after spraying the Insect Killer.

Why do bugs string up after spraying aerosol Insecticide?

After spraying the insecticide, the indoor air will float the molecular particles of the insecticide, the pest contact through the air insecticide. Insecticides slowly into the insect's central nervous system, the insect pests will suddenly start excited. Excitement goes around, flies around, and after excitement the potion starts to work. So, after spraying the insecticide, the bug string is a sign that the insecticide is starting to work.

Precautions in the use of insecticide aerosols

1. The flies and mosquitoes are sprayed in the air at an angle of 45 degrees.

2. In addition to proper operation, it is best to leave the room after spraying aerosol, close the doors and windows for half an hour to an hour, and then enter the room to open the windows for ventilation.

3.If there are infants in the house, do not let them be exposed to any insecticide, so as not to damage the body.

4.Be careful when using insecticides in the kitchen and collect food and tableware before spraying.

5.If you accidentally spray the liquid onto the skin, to clean in time.



Note that the cleaning and finishing after spraying the pesticide , especially the families with children in the home , must pay attention to the hygiene cleaning , and children like to move around and are easy to stick to the residual pesticide , so the household hygiene treatment is to be carried out on the day when the pesticide is sprayed .

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