How to effectively identify toxic and non-toxic mosquito coils

With the arrival of the summer, the weather is also increasingly hot, all kinds of mosquito coils have also been included in the list of people's procurement. But the current market mosquito coils because of market regulation and manufacturers of different quality difference is very large, then we should choose how to identify and identify mosquito coils, the following identification methods may be helpful to you.

First, look at the appearance: safe mosquito coils processing fine, uniform color, stretch strength, burning time in 7-8 hours or so. If the mosquito coils are rough, the structure is loose, there is a large particle impurity (DDT) crystal is fine, easy to break, or reach the ignition time, halfway off, can be identified as toxic mosquito coils.

Second, smell scent: Chinese herbal medicine, pyrethrum mosquitoes lit, the smoke is not strong, people can smell a natural fragrance, no pungent, dizzy feeling. The DDT mosquito coils in the open packaging and lit the process, there is the taste of camphor pills, people heard a long time will feel dizzy.

Third, from the burning point to identify: the match with mosquito coils, pyrethrum mosquitoes only yellow flame and green and white smoke, and toxic mosquito coils in the burning green flame and black smoke.

Fourth, from the mosquitoes to distinguish: pyrethrum mosquito incense after the gray was gray, and toxic mosquito coils of gray is black.

Fifth, from the anti-mosquito effect analysis: pyrethrum mosquitoes after the explosion of mosquito toxicity, it can inhibit and narcotic mosquito nerves, light is not easy to see mosquitoes flying; and toxic mosquitoes only play a role in mosquitoes, After the explosion of mosquitoes flying chaos phenomenon, the effect is not as pyrethrum mosquito coils.

Small recommendations: mosquito coils, after all, is the irritating smoke, in the selection can try to use the new electric mosquito liquid, mosquito coils and other less smoke products, of course, pay attention to clean daily life, to maintain a good health environment, to avoid mosquito breeding is The most effective method of anti-mosquito.