How to improve the effect of mosquito repellent?

How to improve the effect of mosquito repellent?

Many consumers complain about the use of mosquito repellents in their homes and the presence of mosquitoes. This actually involves a problem of mosquito repellent efficiency. To improve the effect of mosquito repellent, the use of anti-mosquito products have particular methods.

Mosquito incense must be used 2--3 hours before bedtime. If it is used in bed, the mosquito will visit you for 2 hours, because it takes at least 2 hours to reach the concentration of the drug in the air.

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Disk incense: every 15 square meters should be placed 1 plate, more than 15 square meters can point a plate of mosquito incense, the effective time of more than 7 hours, mosquito incense should be placed on the tuyere. It is better to use in a closed air-conditioning room.

Electric mosquito incense: there are two kinds of electric mosquito incense: medicament and tablet type. The insecticide repellent is replaced once a day, and the tablet repellent is replaced every day.

However , none of the methods can achieve the purpose of complete anti - mosquito , and mosquitoes also have drug resistance , so different mosquito or mosquito eradication articles can be used in turn .