How to select good quality mosquito coil

How To Select Good Quality Mosquito Coil

1. Color: non-toxic mosquito coil processing is fine, uniform color, a mosquito-repellent incense combustible 5-7 hours; poisonous mosquito coil processing is rough, there are large particles of impurities, shades of color are not uniform, easy to break when the sub-disc, easy to light Extinguished.

2. The flame: non-toxic coil incense when the flame is lit yellow, smoke is white or blue and white; poisonous mosquito coils of fire was green, black smoke.

3. Smell: the smell of poisonous mosquito-repellent incense in the combustion of aroma, pleasant; poisonous mosquito-resisting smell pungent, it is dizzy and nausea.

4. Mosquito repellent ash: non-toxic mosquito-repellent incense is white; toxic mosquito-repellent incense is black.