Insecticides face the test of ecological structure

Now no longer the same as before, a few years ago China's pesticide pesticide products mainly to pesticide-based, basically no other series, in recent years with organic chlorine, organic phosphorus and other highly toxic pesticide residues gradually eliminated, China's high efficiency, low toxicity, environmental protection and other new pesticide development is rapid, the proportion of China's pesticide varieties have been diversified, all over the country mushroomed, pesticide industry product structure has gradually become perfect and reasonable.

By the impact of structural adjustment of pesticide products, China's domestic market demand for pesticides in the gradual reduction of pesticide production is also gradually reduced, coupled with the end of last year's climate factors, the development of China's pesticide industry this year Will face a relatively large pressure.

In agricultural production, the occurrence of pests and diseases and climate change are closely linked. If the climatic conditions on the growth of pests will greatly reduce the extent of the occurrence of pests and diseases, thereby reducing the use of pesticides. And in the end of last year, pesticides in most parts of China's climate have appeared in varying degrees of abnormalities.

For this now, be a good thing or a bad thing yet. For the maintenance of ecological balance, it is not easy to say, both advantages and disadvantages, but at least the use of pesticides to reduce the amount of ecological pressure is a burden.