Safety precautions for spraying aerosol insecticides

Safety precautions for spraying aerosol insecticides

A lot of household aerosol insecticides, often use, if safety deficiencies, prone to accidents, endangering human health and property safety.

1. Many aerosol insecticides have combustible and explosive components , cannot be sprayed on the fire source , and the storage tank cannot be stored near the fire source .


2. Aerosol insecticides on the market are basically not harmful to people and animals, but they are highly toxic to aquatic products, especially fish. Therefore, when you use the medicine, you must not spray it into fish ponds, fish tanks, and other places to prevent the poisoning of aquatic animals such as pet fish.


3. Many aerosol insecticides on the market do not pass the standard quality, there is still a certain potential harm to the human body, in addition, some people are allergic to aerosol insecticides, patients with respiratory diseases or medical history. Aerosol insecticides will also stimulate the respiratory tract, leading to exacerbation of the disease. Therefore, when spraying aerosol insecticides, hold your breath and not spray against the wind. You should leave the spraying environment immediately after spraying, and people who are not sensitive to irritation should not be sprayed. Wearing masks is recommended for use. In addition, take care to protect infants and pregnant women.


4. Aerosol insecticides can not be sprayed on water, especially edible water. Although aerosol insecticides are volatile, they can dissolve in water and remain in water for a long time. It is harmful to human body after use.


5. Don't spray aerosol insecticides on animals like cats and dogs. Some dogs and cats can't stand irritation and may be mad at people.


6. Try not to smoke when spraying aerosol insecticides to prevent the sprayer of aerosol burns from igniting nearby.


7. Do not switch on electric appliances and gates such as jet spray insecticides to prevent electrical and electrical sparks ignite fog fire.