Simply say what kind of insecticide should be used

Make good use of our pesticides, both efficient and practical. Insecticide is a must for the summer medicine, think about it, the summer is hot and intolerable, if the night to sleep, the ear also have only mosquitoes in the constant ring when it is not tired of trouble, so, In the summer, the family generally have to use pesticides, maybe have several bottles.

Pesticides have many advantages. Insecticide is a portable, and lethal spray insecticide, in the mosquito flies in the room, as long as the insecticide aerosol caps covered, against the flies and mosquitoes gently Spray, wait for a while, you will be surprised to find that those mosquitoes flies, all fell to the ground dead and upset, and do not spray a lot, as long as the doors and windows closed tightly, not to those flies and Mosquitoes and other pests have the opportunity to run out, look at the off enough is not enough strict, as close as possible, to prevent the air is too smooth and lead to small drug content, reduce the lethality of the insects, these are Is to pay attention to.

In addition, after spraying insecticidal aerosol, it should quickly come out from the inside of the house, and then shut the door, and so on after fifteen minutes and then go, that time, those nasty words and flies should die almost , It is very effective

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