Talk about the air freshener of those things

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more families use air fresheners. Whether it is one or two yuan or a dozen bottles, many people are used to eliminate it as a home odor or fresh air of the main helper, especially in many families in the bathroom, air freshener, fragrance, etc. are Became a "resident".

But the use of air fresheners, many people may have a false impression, that as long as a fresh air agent, the air at home on the clean, it is not true.

Many of the air fresheners on the market are mostly chemically synthesized, and can not purify the air. It is simply "fading" the smell by dispersing the smell of fragrance and can not remove the smell of the smell. And can not purify the air, it is only through the distribution of aroma confused people's sense of smell to "desalination" smell, and can not remove the smell of gas. There are some air fresheners, because the product quality is poor, itself will become the source of air pollution. If the freshener contains impurities (such as methanol, etc.), distributed to the air on the health of the greater harm. These substances can cause human respiratory and nervous system poisoning and acute adverse reactions, resulting in headache, dizziness, throat itching, eye irritation and so on. And some health incense or incense, lit after the smoke particles can also cause the home of the secondary pollution of the air. Therefore, in the choice of air freshener, pay special attention to the composition of air freshener, do not choose poor quality products.

In the context of increasing consumer safety concerns about air fresheners, air fresheners are a great success in critical Europe and the United States and the Japanese market, mainly because of its differences in fresh ingredients and principles with other air fresheners.

If you are hesitant to know what brand of air freshener is good, may wish to compare the composition of air fresheners and working principle, try to choose harmless non-concealed air fresheners, let the family breathe on the fresh air.