The difference between air freshener and car air freshener

The difference between air freshener and car air freshener


Air fresheners are composed of ethanol, essence, deionized water and so on, by sending out fragrance to cover up the smell, reducing people's feeling of smell is a kind of fog or spray.


The air freshener is usually divided into three kinds of solid , liquid and gas . However , during the summer and autumn festival , it is easy to generate ozone season , and it is not necessary to use the air freshener as far as possible to prevent harm.



The air freshener has various types, such as single floral type (Jasmine, rose, osmanthus, bell orchid, gardenia, lily, etc.). But the composite flavor basically by ether, flavor components of air freshener can also be called "environmental perfume" in recent years, a variety of air freshener quickly popular.



There are many kinds of air fresheners available on the market, which can be classified into solid, liquid and aerosol according to their appearance.


Liquid air freshener is generally felt or filter paper as the container body is inserted into the volatile liquid aromatics in which liquid sucked up volatile fragrance. In the cab of the vehicle driving table "perfume" is this product. Its disadvantage is that the container is upset when liquid will spill. Therefore there is recent manufacturers with porous ceramic made container can be sealed the bottle with the lid into the flavor, aroma emanating from the container wall. Slowly aerosol air freshener is currently the most popular, it has many advantages: easy to carry, easy to use, fast fragrance.


At present, there are many kinds of air fresheners sold on the market, the traditional ones are composed of ether, essence and so on. In the canned products, propane, butane, dimethyl ether and other chemical constituents are added. The use of this air freshener can only temporarily mask indoor odors by erupting diffuse aroma, but it does not really improve air quality because its ingredients do not break down harmful gases. It is difficult to really clean the air. After inhaling volatile solvents with a certain aroma, the body is quickly attracted and invaded into the nervous system, creating a sense of "sedation".


According to expert analysis of the efficacy of drug dependence, and central nervous system depressants are similar, when olfactory experience to certain feelings, will produce psychological dependence. Addicts to choose their own love of the solvent, mandatory daily repeated inhalation, the result caused by chronic poisoning. Like gasoline added lead, benzene can cause nerve neuritis, central or peripheral nerve paralysis, can cause anemia, muscle weakness and other symptoms; volatile solvent ethane type, such as pen oil and paint solvents are scavengers, aplastic anemia, indigestion, hematuria, hepatomegaly culprit.


Therefore, experts suggest, often open the window ventilation by fresh and fresh air to purify the natural environment, is the first choice of fresh air; another option is a new type of air ingredient extracted from natural plants. The air freshener fragrance system of the United States company Kimberly's commercial production of environmentally friendly products of consumer safety after a currently more popular in foreign countries, including air cleaner and air refreshing machine. It will be the content of volatile organic compounds to a minimum, and does not contain CFCs, are harmless to the human body and the environment.


Car type air freshener


Car air freshener, also known as the "environmental perfume" is currently clean air environment inside the car, the most common method to improve air quality, because of easy to carry, easy to use and cheap, air freshener as many drivers purify the air inside the car of choice, its working principle is very simple, is in a adding a small amount of chemical odor substances through chemical reaction, to achieve the purpose of deodorization and aromatic substances with strong concealment odor, so a lot of air freshener in fact does not remove the peculiar smell of the car, only with a delightful love flavor, and the peculiar smell is only covered with a pleasant fragrance .


At present, the market for the sale of air freshener common flavor: single floral type (Jasmine, rose, osmanthus, bell orchid, gardenia, lily), composite flavor, fruit flavor (apple, lemon, pineapple, melon and other grass), "coast" flavor, flavor, flavor "perfume" (Su Xinlan) in addition, some drivers will love toilet water as car air freshener use Qianqingtaijie, compared with the general air freshener, toilet water containing alcohol also has the sterilization effect.




1, the price is cheap. This is the most obvious advantage of air freshener, the average market air freshener prices are in the range of 15-30 yuan, which is cheaper than car perfume.

2 . It is convenient to use . Generally used air freshener is aerosol type , i.e . spray is used , does not need any internal supporting facilities .

3 . The choice is more fragrant . For some drivers with fragrance , especially female drivers , clean and environment - friendly , the attractive fragrance of the air freshener is the main reason to attract them .


Two major defects


The most obvious defects of the air freshener are the harm caused by the ingredients to the human body . The air freshener currently marketed on the market is many , but basically consists of the components such as diethyl ether and essence . The air pollutants generated after the chemical decomposition of the substances in the air are themselves air pollutants . In addition , the fragrance in the air freshener can cause harm to the nervous system of the human and stimulate the respiratory mucosa of the child .


The air freshener has a drawback is that it does not decompose harmful gases, to clean air. It is the role of the fragrance to cover the smell, but not in the air and odor causing gas reaction, that is to say, the air freshener effect does not remove harmful gases in the air, it's just by confusing smell "desalination" smell.