The fundamental reason why the essence does not grow long

The Fundamental Reason Why The Essence Does Not Grow Long

Industrial flavor is used to change, improve product quality and consumer preferences, most of the industrial essential oil is extracted in plants, configured flavor is to reproduce or enhance the flavor of a certain industry. Industrial flavor must be moderate to be acceptable to consumers, excessive use of industrial flavor industry is absolutely unacceptable.

In the past two years, some achievements have been made in standardization, but the most prominent problem is that most enterprises can not apply for production license because of the lack of standards. China Industrial Machinery and equipment Network believes that the proportion of spices, synthetic spices and flavors should be adjusted to promote the development of flavor, increase investment in technological innovation, strengthen the construction of laws and regulations and standards, and build an information network in the industry. It is suggested that we should learn from the management experience of foreign countries, change the current management mode of flavor and spice industry in our country, improve the management level of the industry, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

What is the difference between industrial flavor and daily chemical essence? Industrial flavor has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, strong fragrance, long-acting fragrance retention and so on. Used for plastic products, rubber products, plastics, shoes, sachet, handicraft, textile, product packaging, air outlet, hotel rooms, household goods, stationery, automotive interior accessories, etc. It is easy to be used in the production of plastic products, so that plastic products have a good effect of fragrance retention.

Flavor industry has maintained a sustained growth in the past two years, but the growth rate has slowed down compared with the past. It is mainly affected by the weak economic situation at home and abroad, unreasonable management system, serious lag of relevant laws and standards, and so on, which makes the industry face many difficulties in production and operation.

In general, the rigid demand of industry provides a great space for the development of the industry. Enterprises should improve their internal work, increase investment in technological innovation, product quality, application service, environmental protection, and enhance their own strength. On the other hand, the peers should strengthen communication and coordination, learn from each other, take long and short complement, and realize win-win in a benign competitive environment.