The main components and advantages of air fresheners

Air freshener is a product that can cover the smell, mainly composed of ethanol, flavor, deionized water and other ingredients, you can get rid of the smell, keep the air fresh, widely used, let's take a closer look at the main components of air fresheners and advantage.

First, the main components of air freshener

1, in addition to taste, deodorant

In addition to propellant and compressed gas, air in the closed tank of fresh air is generally containing sulfur compounds, ammonia, amines, formaldehyde chemical reaction of substances such as ferrous sulfate and so on.

2, fresh agent, fragrance agent

Mostly polyols, peppermint oil, flavor and other substances. Spray the air freshener to the air, can be in addition to taste, deodorant, plus polyols, peppermint oil, flavor and other substances, can enhance people's fresh air feeling.

Second, the advantages of air freshener

1, cheap

This is the most obvious advantages of air freshener, the current market for the sale of air freshener prices are between 15-30 yuan, even cheaper than the car perfume.

2, easy to use

Commonly used air fresheners are aerosol type, that is, spray that is, do not need any car facilities.

3, to choose more flavor

For some of the fans who love the fragrance, especially the female driver, the air freshener charming fragrance is also the main reason to attract them to buy.