What are the functional characteristics of solid fresheners?

Solid freshener is a kind of fresh agent, its main ingredients are flavor, seaweed gum, surfactants, water and pigments, fragrant pure, affordable, is popular with consumers like a fresh agent, the following we together What are the functional characteristics of solid fresheners?

First, the functional characteristics of solid freshener

1, with the unique NEUTRALODOR? Paste, effective and unpleasant odor.

2, the distribution of fresh breath, it is like exposure to the green nature of the pastoral.

3, concentrated formula, a bottle can be sprayed hundreds of times, affordable.

4, to abandon the chlorofluorocarbons as propellant, replaced by hydrocarbons, to avoid damage to the atmospheric ozone layer.

Second, the scope of application of solid freshener

1, remove the kitchen in a variety of irritating food smell, such as onion flavor, garlic flavor and fishy smell, as well as strong fumes and other smell.

2, to disperse the bedroom, living room and bathroom smoke, musty and other unpleasant smell.

3, also applies to the office and some poor ventilation of the place to keep the air fresh atmosphere.

4, suitable for travel purposes, fresh car compartment and the smell of the hotel room.