What kind of air freshen to tell you

What kind of air freshener are you really aware of? Let me now go to this encyclopedia to tell you about what kind of good air freshener. Currently on the market sales of air freshener types of different flavor of the air freshener, but basically are composed of ether, flavor and other ingredients, these substances in the air after the chemical decomposition of some of the components itself is the air pollutants , Which is actually exacerbated the pollution of the air inside the car, long-term use of the human body will produce adverse stimuli.

In addition, the air freshener contained in the fragrance of the human nervous system will produce harm to stimulate the child's respiratory mucosa and so on. Air freshener there is a drawback is that it does not break down the harmful gases, to achieve the purpose of fresh air. Its role is to distribute the aroma to cover the smell, rather than the air caused by the smell of gas reaction, that is, the effect of air freshener does not remove the air of harmful gases, but by confusing people's sense of smell "Desalination" smell.

What kind of air freshener is it good? Air freshener, air freshener consists of ethanol, flavor, deionized water and other ingredients, through the distribution of fragrance to cover the smell, to reduce people feel uncomfortable feeling. For a wide range of air fresheners, it is recommended to use Cyam Cleaner, natural plant extracts, water-based formulations (with water as the solvent, no oil or ethanol) and environmental formula. So in the choice of air freshener products is to carefully choose the brand, try to choose a more assured, water agent formula, plant flavor of the brand.