Whether the use of pesticides will pose a threat to the ecological environment

Do you use pesticides to pose a threat to the ecological environment?

The number of pesticides will have an impact on people's living environment, mainly because the pesticide itself has some toxicity, in fact, many people do not know, the toxicity of pesticides are also divided into many kinds, some biological toxicity, and some Is the chemical toxicity, the difference between these two, can be directly seen, in fact, the use of pesticides generally use the quality of the brand manufacturers to ensure that the production of products are generally biological insecticides, such insecticides, no doubt to People have the least impact, mainly the product, insecticide mechanism is through the natural organic matter on the pests, rather than chemical products, pharmaceuticals, and after the use of natural decomposition soon, this is the small factor of its poison, Businesses and consumption are still favored in this product.

Therefore, the use of pesticides to choose a reasonable product, will not cause too much impact on the ecological, especially biological insecticides, can be said to be very small toxic and residual, can be assured to use.