Fly and Mosquito Aerosol Spray The Best Home Defense Spray

Fly and Mosquito Aerosol Spray The Best Home Defense Spray
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Fly and Mosquito Aerosol Spray The Best Home Defense Spray


Beter Chemical has 600ml Long Lasting Aerosol Spray which is anti-Mosquitoes Spray and popular in 


Beter Chemical might be the cheapest manufacturer you could ever found in China!!!

Packing and loading quantity of Fly and Mosquito Spray                                                                           

SizeHeight with CoverHeight without CoverQTY in 20’gpQTY in 40HQPackage
300mlΦ52mmX235mmΦ52mmX195mm1800CTNs4200CTNs12pieces per shrink,2 shrinks per carton
400mlΦ57mmX250mmΦ57mmX200mm1300CTNs3300CTNs12pieces per shrink,2 shrinks per carton
400mlΦ65mmx200mmΦ65mmX150mm1170CTNs2710CTNs12pieces per shrink,2 shrinks per carton
600mlΦ57mmX285mmΦ57mmX240mm775CTNs1870CTNs12pieces per carton, or 24pcs per carton
750mlΦ57mmX345mmΦ57mmX300mm645CTNs1570CTNs12pieces per carton

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. Mosquito Spray Advantage

Effective to kill kinds of bugs. Prevent West Nile Airus Ague, Yellow Fever, Dengue fever, etc,  which are attack on African

 Safe for human and livestock.

 Mosquito Spray is friendly to environment

. Mosquito Spray Packing

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. Usage
Offices, Clubs, Hotels, Cars, Shops, Garbag

. How to use our Mosquito Aerosol Spray ?
To kill flying insects: 
Keep people out first and spray to the center of your room. Walk out and close door for 3 minutes. Open door and windows again, let fresh air in and out for 1-2 minutes. This is best way to kill mosquito and flies. 
To kill crawling insects: 
 Spray directly to the insects. Spray makes it easy to reach to insects hiding in leaks. 
Always read instruction first before using it.


Jamsin, Rose, Vanila, Lemon and Strawberry,etc.  

. Why our Mosquito Aerosol Spray are good?

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Why buy from us?                                                                                            

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FAQ (frequently asked questions) 

. What is our MOQ(minimum order quantity)?

1780 cartoons if no stock.
. What is our lead time(delivery time)?
13-20working days after reception of deposit and confirmation of all production details. It would be changed if on hot sale season.
Ⅲ.What are our payment terms?
TT(bank transfer), LC at sight or western union are acceptable.

.What brands can we offer?
OEM are available. If you select our own FLIT, RAMBO PRO, NOUVEAR ATTACK, SUPER TOX, NEW FORMULA KILIT, BETER CHEMICAL or other our own belonging brands, you will get better quality and better support with same prices.
 How could you got free samples?
Samples are all free. But express fees should be affored by you. However, once ordered we will refund these fees to you.

What are our OTHER PRODUCTS?                                                             
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