OEM Crawling Bugs Aerosol Insecticide

OEM Crawling Bugs Aerosol Insecticide
Product Details

OEM Crawling Bugs Aerosol Insecticide

Our top sale product with good quality and nice price. Contact us for free sample. Beter Chemical might be the cheapest factory you could ever found in China!!!


Details of OEM Crawling Bugs Aerosol Insecticide


A. Why our Crawling Bugs Aerosol Insecticide are good?

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B. Package of our OEM Aerosol InsecticideOEM Aerosol Insecticide.jpg

C. Where to use our Crawling Bugs Insecticide?

Used in the house, hotel, restaurants, shop and office ect.

D.How to use our Aerosol Insecticide?

1. To kill flying insects:

2. Keep people out first and spray to the center of your room.

3. Walk out and close door for 3 minutes.

4. Open door and windows again, let fresh air in and out for 1-2 minutes.

E. What fragrance can we offer?

Lemon, mixed flower, lavender, Tuberose, Blueberry, Mango and other flavor are all for your options.

F. Insecticide Aerosol Main Ingredients

The main ingredients is ES-Allethrin,  tetramethrin or cypermethrin . But the type of main ingredients and percentage could be changed for you together with the price.
Percentage% = weight of active ingredients/weight of whole products


A. What is our minimum order quantity?

1000 cartoons.

B. What is our delivery time?

13-20working days after confirmation of all production details.

C. What are our payment terms?

TT or LC  are both acceptable.

D. What brands can we offer?

FLIT, RAMBO PRO, NOUVEAR ATTACK, SUPER TOX, NEW FORMULA KILIT, BETER CHEMICAL are our own brand, if you use our own belonging brands, you will get better quality and better support with same prices.


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