Best Effective Mosquito Control Repellent Factory Manufacturer in Africa

Best Effective Mosquito Control Repellent Factory Manufacturer in Africa
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Best Effective Mosquito Control Repellent Factory Manufacturer in Africa


Beter has the Super Jumbo Coil which is the Factory Wholesale Coils.
Beter Chemical might be the cheapest factory you could ever found in China!!!
Specification of our Best Mosquito Control                      


1. How to measure the size of our Africa Mosquito Coil?

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2. How to pack Black Coils? 

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3.Effective Mosquito Control Using Direction

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A. Mosquito Killer Should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated, rainproof place.
B. Effective Mosquito Repellent should away from fire and heat source.
C. Do not put Effective Mosquito Repellent along with food, beverage, seeds, and inflammable and explosive materials.
D.  Out of the reach of children.
E.  Don't shake Effective Mosquito Repellent during transport or use in case of fracture.
EXPIRY TIME OF PRODUCTS: 2 years from production date.
Expiry time means how long Africa Mosquito Coil remain effective without opening. But once opened, Africa Mosquito Coil will loss effects soon. To extend effective time, customers can use another poly bags to close other not used Africa Mosquito Coil.
5.Advantage of our Africa Mosquito Coil

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COMPANY IMFORMATION                                                                                                                         

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FAQ (frequently asked questions) 

1. What is our MOQ(minimum order quantity)?

1*20'gp if no stock. When containers leave, we might have stock that is convenient for you. Please contact us to check stock.
2. What is our lead time(delivery time)?
13-20working days after reception of deposit and confirmation of all production details. It would be changed if on hot sale season.
3. What are our payment terms?
TT(bank transfer) or LC at sight are both acceptable.
4. What brands can we offer?
OEM are available. If you select our own BETER CHEMICAL, MOSOUITAL, ATTACK or other our own belonging brands, you will get better quality and better support with same prices.

Our OTHER PRODUCTS                                                              

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How to CONTACT us?                                                                          
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