New Mosquito Killer Coil Indoor 137mm Super Big Size 12hours

New Mosquito Killer Coil Indoor 137mm Super Big Size 12hours
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New Mosquito Killer Coil Indoor 137mm Super Big Size 12hours


Beter Chemical has various Killer Products. Within them, 140mm Super Big Spiral Incense Coils which is anti Mosquito Insect Killer are good sales.
Beter Chemical might be the cheapest factory you could ever found in China!!!

Black Coils' Packing and Loading Information                                                      

SizeBurning hoursEffect hoursQTY in 20’gpQTY in 40HQ
137-140mm10-11 hrs12hrs800CTNs1950CTNs


. What is the size and how to measure the size of our Mosquito Killer Coil?

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. Packing

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. Efficient Ingredients of Mosquito Killer Indoor
Efficient ingredients: 0.3% rich-d-transallethrin, 0.08% Meperfluthrin or 0.05% Dimefluthrin. But the percentage could be changed for you together with the price.
Percentage% = weight of active ingredients/weight of whole products
. Place to use
New Mosquito Killer can be used in the house, hotel, restaurant , office, etc 
.  Directions for Use

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1.Don't place the burning mosquito-repellent incence close to inflammable materials, which can't be used as a ash tray. Pay attention to fire safety.
2. Keep dry the unused remaining produce and then wash your hands after usage.
3.Don't let children play with the produce.
4. Don't use the produce inside the shed for it's poisonous to silkworms and fishes.
5. Keep proper ventilation and don't use it in confined space.
6. Don't place it where air flows sharply in case the effect affected. 
EXPIRY TIME OF PRODUCTS: 2 years from production date.
.  Fragrance
Sandal wood, lemon, mixed flower, lavender, etc. 
 .Why our Mosquito Killer Indoor are good?

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About us                                                                                                            

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

. What is our minimum order quantity?
1*20'gp if no stock. When containers leave, we might have stock that is convenient for you. Please contact us to check stock.
. What is our delivery time?
13-20working days after confirmation. 
.  What are our payment terms?
TT or LC at sight are both acceptable.
 What is our delivery port?
Xiamen, China(Fujian province).
. What brands can we offer?
OEM are available. If you select our own BETER CHEMICAL, MOSOUITAL, ATTACK or other our own belonging brands, you will get better quality and better support with same prices.
.  How could you got free samples?
Samples are all free. Please contact us for free samples.

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How to CONTACTus?                                                                          
Send inquiry to bet
Or Add whatapp +86-13711373065 /skype: cherrydoinsecticide to got discounts and free samples Now Now!