Smokeless Smokeless Mosquito Repellent Coil Russian Small Size 125mm OEM

Smokeless Smokeless Mosquito Repellent Coil Russian Small Size 125mm OEM
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Smokeless Smokeless Mosquito Repellent Coil Russian Small Size 125mm OEM


Beter's Smokeless Mosquito Repellent are High Quality Mosquito Repellent and has big and small Mosquito Repellent sizes.
Smokeless Mosquito Repellent                                                      

SizeBurning hoursEffect hoursQTY in 20’gpQTY in 40HQ
137-140mm10-11 hrs12hrs800cartons1950cartons
  1.  What is the size and how to measure the size of our Russian Mosquito Coil?

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2. Smokeless Mosquito Coil's Package

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3. Active Ingredients
0.08% Meperfluthrin, 0.3% rich-d-transallethrin or 0.05% Dimefluthrin can be all provided as active ingredients. But the type of active ingredients and percentage could be both changed for you together with the price.
Percentage% = weight of active ingredients/weight of whole products
4. Where to use our Mosquito Repellent Coil?
Beter Chemical's Mosquito Repellent Coil are your smart and safe choice to use in home, hotels, restaurants, and any other indoor places even when children sleep. Cause it has no harm to human but can drive mosquitoes away fast and long-lasting.
5. Place of use

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A. Russian Mosquito Coil Should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated, rainproof place.
B. Away from fire and heat source.
C. Do not put along with food, beverage, seeds, and inflammable and explosive materials.
D. Out of the reach of children.
E. Don't shake during transport or use in case of fracture.
EXPIRY TIME OF Russian Mosquito Coil: 2 years from production date.

Expiry time means how long Russian Mosquito Coil remain effective without opening. But once opened, Russian Mosquito Coil will loss effects soon. To extend effective time, customers can use another poly bags to close other not used Russian Mosquito Coil.
Sandal wood, lemon, mixed flower, lavender etc..  
8.Why our Russian Mosquito Coil are good?

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Why choose our COMPANY?                                                                                                                         

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Frequently asked questions       

1.What is our MOQ?
1*20'gp if no stock. Give us a call to check stock.
2. What is the delivery time?
After receipted deposit and confirmed production details, it takes about 13-20working days. It would be changed if on hot sale season.
3. What are our payment terms?
TT , LC and money gram are acceptable.
4. What is our delivery port?
Xiamen, China(Fujian province).
5. What brands can we offer?
OEM are available. If you select our own BETER CHEMICAL, MOSOUITAL, ATTACK or other our own belonging brands, you will get better quality and better support with same prices.
6. How could you got free samples?
Samples are all free. But express fees should be affored by you. However, once ordered we will refund these fees to you. 
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