Strong Sticky Cockroach Glue Trap House

Strong Sticky Cockroach Glue Trap House
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Strong Sticky Cockroach Glue Trap House 


The Strong Sticky Pest Control Eco-Friendly Cockroach Glue Trap House is in the Beter Chemical's Company. Take a look!
Beter Chemical might be the cheapest factory you could ever found in China!!!

A.What is our Cockroach Glue Trap House features?   
1) Eco-friendly, hygiene, safety and non-toxic.
2) Powerful viscosity, no escape once be trapped.
3) Top-level glue not solidify at 0 ºC, not melt at 80 ºC.
4) Foldable board with special lines enable vertically or horizontally setting based on need.
B .Where to use our products?
You can use in home, hotels, restaurants, bedroom, bar, cinema, restroom.
C. How to use our Cockroach Glue Trap House?
1. Open the glue trap carefully from the seal. 
2. Place it where pest are observed. 
3. Once the trap is full of pest, dispose of it by burning. 
D. Are there any notes of our products?
1. Avoid dusts or water for good effect.
2. If the board gets wet, dry it before usage. 
3. Use gasoline or diesel oil and then cleansing agent to remove the glue from clothes.
4. Out of the reach of children.
5. For better effect in winter, heat it on heating pipe before usage. 

EXPIRY TIME OF PRODUCTS: 5 years from production date.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)
A. What is our MOQ(minimum order quantity)?
Minimum order quantity: 500 cartoons.
B. What is our lead time(delivery time)?
13-20working days after reception of deposit and confirmation of all production details. It would be changed if on hot sale season.
C. What are our payment terms?
TT(bank transfer) or LC at sight are both acceptable.
D. What is our delivery port?
Guangzhou, China.
E. What brands can we offer?
OEM are available. 
F. How could you got free samples?
Samples are all free. But express fees should be afforded by you. However, once ordered we will refund these fees to you.

What are our OTHER PRODUCTS?      
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