A Brief Introduction To Some Insecticidal Aerosols

The working principle of insecticide aerosol

There is also a "gas-squeezing agent" similar to that of aerosols. Since the propellant in use is not sprayed out of the tank, only the stock is extruded in the form of droplets or strips, so called " Agent ". The extrudate of the gas-extruded material is not misty and belongs to the non-aerosol system, but its preparation and operating principle is similar to that of the aerosol.

Insecticidal aerosol origin

However, how to correctly evaluate the quality of pesticide aerosol products? 1992 statistical results show that China's annual production of insecticidal aerosol total of 50 million cans. With the rapid development of insecticide aerosol, product quality problems more and more people's attention. Most producers, distributors, and users often simply evaluate the quality of their products with their biological effects, while ignoring many other important factors that affect product quality.

We all know that since aerosol technology is a multidisciplinary integrated technique, it is not a simple addition to the aerosol product's integrity point of view, it is not a simple addition between a container, a valve, a propellant and an insecticidal active ingredient, and But also related to the use of efficacy, safety and economy, but also in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) on the toxicity of pesticides. Therefore, the quality of insecticidal aerosol products, we should be from the physical and chemical properties of products, biological effects and safety of three major aspects of comprehensive evaluation.