Current Situation And Prospect Of China Health Insecticide

Current situation and Prospect of China health insecticide

Sanitary insecticides are mainly used in indoor and outdoor environment and public places, control vector organisms, protect people's health of special commodities. With the development of economy, technological progress, active market, regulatory management. The development environment of hygienic insecticides is getting better and better, especially the regulations of Pesticide Management promulgated and implemented in 1997, it is clear that the pesticide for sanitary use belongs to the category of pesticide management, and unified and standardized the management. The development of health insecticides has been put on the right track, the scale of production has been continuously expanded, technology has been improved, the market has been continuously developed, the management has been constantly standardized, and the industry has been growing, which has become an important industry in the field of miscellaneous chemicals and pesticides.


The raw drug producers of health insecticides always keep up with the international frontier in the research and development of new products, and take part in the international competition for the health insecticides of our country to resist the external shock and to participate in the international competition. Health pesticide enterprises are mainly located in coastal provinces and cities. At present, more than 100 provinces have produced more than 100 products in Guangdong Province (309 provinces) and Jiangsu Province (328 provinces). Hebei (196), Shandong (188), Fujian (160) and Zhejiang (132).


1.2 the number of registered products has steadily increased since 1997. There has been a leap forward in the number and number of health insecticide products, especially since the number of products has reached an all-time high of 100 per year, followed by an increase in the number of registered several hundred products per year. The aerosol products developed rapidly.


1 status of health pesticide industry in China


The production of hygienic insecticides in China since the founding of New China


Industry changed from small to strong, from weak to strong, from single mosquito repellent incense to various formulations, from manual operation to automated production, from family workshops to modern factories, from tens of people to tens of thousands of people, from mosquito repellent incense to various formulations, from preparation processing to crude drug production, and achieved leaping development.


There are 2317 registered products in our country.


Remember 1080, officially registered in 1333. From the overall development trend, environmentally friendly products in the form of emerging aerosol products of bulk products are still rising, mosquito repellent products declined, electric mosquito liquid products increased significantly and the types of products especially continue to open up All flowers bloom together., mothproof, repellent, anti-corrosion and other fields, to meet the the people living in the increasingly diverse needs.


The development of the 1.1 backbone enterprises rapidly favorable economic environment and management


Rational policy has promoted the development of health insecticide enterprises, especially the legal environment of administration by law, and provided a fair platform for the development of enterprises. Therefore, the health pesticide industry in China has developed rapidly. At present, registered enterprises specializing in the production of hygienic insecticides have reached 311, including Zhongshan Ju, Jiangsu Yangnong, Shanghai Zhuangchen, Zhejiang Jingding, Guangzhou Libai, Hebei Kangda, Zhejiang Black Cat God, Chengdu Rainbow. Zhejiang Li word, Zhongshan Kaida and so on are the backbone enterprises in the industry, the production scale is big, the technical level is high, the market influence is wide. Especially Jiangsu Yangnong.


1.3 there are a wide variety of active ingredients, 81 of the current hygienic insecticides


Varieties, including pyrethroids accounted for the majority, there are more than 50 varieties, the most effective components of mosquito repellent incense and aerosol for pyrethroids. Safety and environmental reasons, in recent years the application of bio pesticide in insecticides in attention, in addition to Su Yun coli, Bacillus sphaericus, development and application of viruses of cockroach and Metarhizium anisopliae the fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae showed good prospects. The development and application of new products in recent years has been accelerated.