Do Not Use Pesticides

Do not use pesticides to use, to be effective and appropriate use, to be effective, moderate, timely will give people have been good.

So what place to use insecticide?

Pesticides do not say that all places everywhere indiscriminate use, but should pay attention to detail, do not blindly follow, like some public places, it is necessary to take advantage of these places are generally more crowded places, so more can not be ignored.

From the most basic small details to start, do a good habit of living people.

Insecticide manufacturers to remind consumers, must be safe to use pesticides.

Use of pesticides, safety first. When used to do the following, is absolutely safe.

1, before spraying spray, you must first all the food, water, cupboard sealed, it is best to eat after people use to avoid pollution, but also to the pot placed in children

Not accessible. In the case of

2, should be well protected, it is best to wear long-sleeved clothes, wear a mask to prevent skin or respiratory poisoning. In the case of

3, do not overuse. Many people in order to enhance the insecticidal effect and increase the use of dose, but this also easily lead to poisoning. If you find a family or a child with dizziness

Nausea, blurred vision, skin irritation and other symptoms, should be timely to leave the use of pesticide environment, serious to the hospital in a timely manner.

4, because the insecticide aerosol is pressure packaging, so to avoid the impact of high impact and high temperature environment. In addition, some products are the use of flammable organic matter as a solvent, do not spray it against the fire source, so as to avoid danger.