How To Disassemble The Double Disk Of Mosquito Incense Easily

How to disassemble the double disk of mosquito incense easily

It's time for mosquito repellent incense, though the mosquito repellent is the most commonly used mosquito repellent. But why should mosquito incense be planned to be swirling? And why plan it into two layers? Do you want to break open when burning? Let me answer one by one for you.


I heard that when mosquito incense was just created, it was the same as burning incense and worshipping Buddha. It was straight, but it did not endure burning, but it was later improved into a "whirlpool", which could greatly increase the burning time. Therefore, after the mosquito incense will be a vortex model "to press the mold production."

It is said that the length of a dish of mosquito incense is about 75 cm and can be burned for about 6 hours. The next question is, why should mosquito incense be planned to be a double deck? Most people understand that saving space, and breaking the point does not burn.

mosquito coil.jpg

Most people break apart each time they light mosquito incense. Others have specifically summed up the tips for breaking mosquito repellent incense:


1. Loosening joint;

2. Choose the two ends of the periphery of the circle with the same diameter, and start from one end with the A disk upward and the B disk down; at the same time, the other end of the circle goes in the opposite direction (that is, the A disk goes down the B disk up); the method is to separate each end one cycle at a time and replace the disk again and again. In the end, the two disks of mosquito incense form a similar dihedral angle.

3. A shake of your hand can separate it successfully.


So double-layer mosquito incense should be broken? For this topic, every year will be a hot debate! "there was a mistake that had been committed for decades. The mosquito-repellent base did not need to be separated, lit directly, burned one circle, and left the other. Don't light another lap at one point. Another lap won't burn in the process. The plan won't be won. " I almost cried!


Someone tried it before, and it worked! Others failed to test, for failed netizens dissected that the quality of mosquito repellent incense itself failed, attributed to inferior quality. It has also been suggested that, even if not broken, the indirect connection between the rings should be broken to prevent the burning of two plates of mosquito incense from circle A to circle B; not on a burnt table and on the wooden floor. To this end, the small knitting method is to put mosquito incense in a porcelain plate, both can ash to prevent fire.


Why are mosquito incense two plates together? I think the answer is very valid:


This is due to the manufacturing process of mosquito repellent incense, which is made into a cake and cut in a mold when dry. Second, two plates of mosquito incense together, increased the force area, the force is more uniform to prevent damage in transit. Third, in the case of the same shape, this two-circle planning can make full use of packaging space, a box of mosquito incense separated and then all packed in the box is almost impossible.