How To Selection Mosquito Coil, Electric Mosquito Repellent Liquid And Electric Mosquito Repellent Mat

How to selection Mosquito Coil, Electric Mosquito Repellent Liquid 

and Electric Mosquito Repellent Mat

mosquito coil is a kind of household hygiene insecticide, powder, binder and essence, which is made from household insecticide, carbon powder, binder and essence.


The traditional mosquito coil choice purchase

 1. Color: nontoxic mosquito coil fine processing, uniform color, mosquito coil flammable 5-7 hours; toxic mosquito coil processing rough, with larger particles impurity, color and color uneven, split easily broken, ignited easy to extinguish.

 2. Look at the flame: the flame is yellow when the non-toxic mosquito coil is ignited, the smoke is white; the flame of the poisonous mosquito coil is green and black smoke.

3. Smell: the smell of non-toxic mosquito coil in the combustion is pleasant and pleasant; the smell of poisonous mosquito coil is harsh and dizzying.

4. Look at ash: the smoke of non-toxic mosquito coil is white; the smoke of poisonous mosquito coil is black.

Selection and purchase of electric Mosquito Repellent Mat

1. Appearance inspection, the plastic parts of electric-heating Mosquito Repellent Mat should not be obvious plastic defects. The parts of electric heater should be assembled firmly, fasteners must not be loosened, and metal parts must not be rusted. There should be no obvious color difference on the surface of Mosquito Repellent Mat. Liquid mosquito incense should not be delamination, crystallization, precipitation, use should not be obvious smoke and irritant odor.

2. Check the origin and manufacturer of Electric Mosquito Repellent Mat, whether the instructions are complete, check the production date of Electric Mosquito Repellent Mat tablets (liquid) and the license number or batch number approved for use by relevant government departments at the national level.

3. Electrification test After electrification indication The lamp should be bright and the heat transfer plate should feel hot for a moment.

4. The best choice of mosquito incense (liquid) and electric heater of mosquito incense is a recent product produced in the same factory, which can make the medicine volatilized.

5. Check the sealing of liquid mosquito incense, assemble the electric liquid mosquito incense according to the normal working condition, tilt at the most unfavorable angle for 1 hour, no medicine overflow from the bottle mouth.

 Electrothermal liquid mosquito repellent incense is a kind of household sanitary insecticidal product which is placed in a bottle body containing insecticide by an absorbable mandrel. After heating with a matching thermoelectric heater and acting on mosquitoes in a gas state, it has the effect of driving (killing) mosquitoes.