How To Use Mosquito Coil Correctly

How to use mosquito incense correctly

First, half an hour before bed, is a good time to use anti mosquito coil. The doors and windows are closed and people and pets must leave.


Second, mosquito killer coil is best placed in outdoor use, such as around the home, door or air circulation area. In the evening, the mosquito repellent effect of mosquito incense before dark is the best.


Third, for safety reasons, lit smokeless mosquito repellent is best not placed near the head to reduce smoke inhalation.


Fourth, users should not ignite mosquito coils for a short period of time after applying dew water, because the alcohol content of dew water is high, which can easily cause fire and burn.


Infant Use

1. The body organs of the baby are still in development, and the method of avoiding mosquito bites naturally is the most reliable. Screen doors and windows are installed in the living room of the baby, and bed nets are placed on the bed.


2. Attention should be paid to three aspects when using anti mosquito coil: attention should be paid to ventilation, the amount of anti mosquito coil used should meet the requirements, and the place where the anti mosquito coil should be lit should be far away from the baby's head and should be ventilated to a certain extent.


3. In principle, we advocate "low toxicity and effectiveness", that is, we do not have to kill mosquitoes, but use drugs to make it no longer have the ability to bite people.


Poisoning First Aid

1. If used normally, there is no adverse reaction. Improper use, if excessive inhalation, should be moved to the air circulation.


2, if accidentally eat, drink a large amount of boiled water, and with this mosquito coil packaging to the hospital.


3, if inadvertently into the eye, with a large amount of water wash eyelids, serious medical treatment.


Storage Transportation 

1, mosquito coil should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated, rain-proof place.


2, away from fire and heat source.


3.Do not store or transport with food, drink, seed, flammable explosive, feed, etc.


4, place where children are not in contact.


5, transport or use when not violent shock, lest break.