How To Use Pesticides To Avoid Poisoning

Do not immediately close the insecticide

Pesticides are generally foggy. In the process of evaporation and slowly floating in the air and slowly mixed with the air, for a long time will not be dispersed, this time if people breathe in the room will be inhaled with insecticide air, the body is very unfavorable, so , After spraying insecticide can not immediately go.

How long after the insecticide spray into the room

Whether it is indoor insecticide or outdoor insecticide after spraying drugs can not be close to, because the drug residue about 6 hours later to finish. If the office workers do indoor insecticide can work in the morning before the insecticide, after get off work can live; if it is the best choice for outdoor insects in the morning, because this time less flow of people.

For life in the use of anti-mosquito insecticide, in use, try to avoid the intake of pesticides, not to stay in a long time to fill the insecticide-filled room, to avoid discomfort, to kill mosquitoes after the window Vent for about 15 minutes and then enter the room activities. For agricultural pesticides in the spraying of drugs to wear a mask, to avoid excessive spraying of inhaled drugs, not used pesticides do not put the child easy to get the place to avoid the child eating and lead to poisoning.