Insecticide Companies Remind You That Health Insecticides Can Not Be Exposed

Every day to see the news, you know something.

Recently online has a message "health insecticide exposure to 2 hours fried a car doors and windows,"

This kind of thing is terrible, health insects in the sun exposure is equivalent to a time bomb, the risk factor can be imagined.

At the same time to remember one, any chemicals can not be placed under the sun, it is absolutely impossible.

Health insecticides are generally packaged in a vacuum under the conditions of the tank, the gas is loaded with flammable and explosive materials, a high temperature will be dangerous, the general manufacturer in the product tank marked Storage methods, generally written "cool, low temperature preservation, away from fire and heat" and other words.

In the sun exposure will lead to the tank of gas temperature rise, a long time will be easy to explode, Linyi pesticide company warm reminder everyone in the use of health insects when not to sun exposure, storage in accordance with the Tank instructions to implement. Be sure to pay attention to safety and safety.