Introduction Of Conventional Insecticide Species

Introduction of Conventional Insecticide Species

A. Organophosphorus Insecticides


1. Dichlorvos

It is also known as DDV, is a highly efficient, quick, broad-spectrum organophosphorus insecticide, suitable for controlling pests, lawn mosquito, fly and other pests and the storage period of fumigation and grass seed pests. Preparation 50% EC, 80% EC. 80% EC to 800 ~ 1500 times of water spray can control plant the chewing mouthparts pests, such as Phyllotreta striolata, tea, rice leafhopper, planthopper, clanisbilineata, apple leaf roller, Carposina niponensis, tobacco budworm, sugarcane woolly aphid. Short control Sitophilus oryzae, Tribolium, cerealella and other pests, 80% EC 1000 times liquid spray, after spraying closed 2 ~ 3D The size of its insecticidal effect is directly related to the temperature and temperature, and the higher the temperature, the stronger the efficacy of the insecticide.


2. Phoxim

Also known as phoxim, phoxim, phoxim, high efficiency, low toxicity, broad-spectrum organophosphorus insecticide, with strong contact toxicity and stomach toxicity. Mainly used in underground pest control on the lawn, but also can prevent mosquitoes, flies and other pests and storage pests, especially for grubs, mole crickets and the application has a good effect. There are 40% preparations of EC, 2.5% microparticles. Foliar spraying of various pests, with 1200 ~ 2000 times liquid; underground pest control by soil or seed treatment, seed weight of 1% to 2% (active ingredient, A. I.) with 2.5% particle seed dressing agent is 1.5 to 1.8kg / soil treatment Hm2.


3. Chlorpyrifos

The commodity name for chlorpyrifos, also known as the other name of chlorpyrifos, is broad-spectrum organophosphate insecticide, acaricide, with gastric toxicity and contact effect, the volatile in the soil is high. For the control of lawn pests and mites, also can be used for controlling mosquitoes, flies and other health pests and parasites in vitro livestock. Preparations of 40% EC. Control of scale insects, aphids, spider, thrips and other pests, with 500 ~ 1500 times spray; underground pest control with 1.2 ~ 2.8kg / hm2 (A.I.) mixed with toxic soil applicator.


4. Omethoate

Has the contact effect, absorption effect and stomach toxicity, is a broad-spectrum organophosphate insecticide and acaricide formulations. There are 40% Omethoate. By 1000 ~ 2000 times spray, aphids, thrips, leaf beetle, bug, leafhopper; with 800 ~ 1500 times liquid spray, the prevention and control of cotton red spider, Pea Leafminer, citrus Psylla, Ceroplastes Rubens, fruit flies, tobacco budworm cotton, fruit trees, a variety of pests on vegetables.


5. Malathion

Also known as the marathon, has good contact effect, stomach toxicity and fumigation effect weak. For the control of lawn grass, flowers, ornamental plants, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops on chewing mouthparts and sucking pests, but also can be used to cure the mosquitoes, flies and other pests and family health body, in vitro parasite and human head lice. Preparations of 45% malathion EC, 25% malathion oil, 70% high quality malathion (malathion), 1.2% malathion powder, 1.8% malathion powder. When used with 45% malathion EC diluted 2000 times of water spray can prevent aphid, Aphis gossypii, Cotton thrips, diluted 1000 times against pierisrapae, cotton red spider, cotton stinkbug. Changchun


6. Diazinon 

Organophosphorus insecticide containing heterocycles, broad-spectrum insecticidal, acaricidal agent, has the contact effect, stomach toxicity and fumigation effect, but also has a certain absorption efficiency, mainly for the prevention and treatment of horticultural plants, ornamental plants and lawn defoliators, sucking pests and pests, also can prevent household pests and there are 50% livestock pests. Preparation of diazinon EC and 2% granules per hectare 50% EC 600 ~ 900mL (a.i.300 ~ 450g) of 600 - 900kg water spray, underground pest control per hectare with 2% 18.75kg granules (a.i.300 ~ 450g) Two. This medicine can not be used with copper can not be mixed Stam, copper alloy, cans, plastic bottles filled.


B.Carbamate Insecticide


1. Methomyl 

Also known as methomyl, is a broad-spectrum carbamate insecticide, with contact action, stomach toxicity. 20% preparations of EC, 24% agent. Can be used for fruit trees, vegetables, cotton, alfalfa, tobacco, turfgrass, ornamental plants, foliage spray can control aphids, thrips, armyworm, tobacco leaf roller, alfalfa weevil, tobacco, cotton bollworm, rice borer, rice and fruit tree pests, when used with spraying 1500 times liquid.


2. Thiodicab

Other names for double Do-win, Do-win Sangdeka, double sulfur, a carbamoyl oxime insecticide to stem and leaf spraying and seed treatments for many crops, has certain contact toxicity and stomach function, the main Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and Diptera pests effectively, also have higher activity of lepidopterous eggs and adults. Thiodicab no stimulation to the skin, slightly irritating to the eyes. There are 25% Do-win dual formulations sulfur wettable powder, 75% mulberry have card WP, 75% Laweiyinke WP, 37.5% Laweiyin suspension. With effective components of 0.23-1.0kg / hm2 can prevent grass Ping and ornamental plants on cotton bollworm, armyworm moth, moth, Chilo suppressalis, etc., the duration of 7 ~ l0d.


3. Pirimicarb

Have contact action, and penetration effect of foliar fumigation effect of carbamate selective aphicide, absorbed by roots after the upward migration. Can be used for fruit trees, flowers and ornamental plants, are readily available, can effectively prolong the control period of aphids. Pirimicarb of ladybirds, syrphids and Aphidiidae aphid enemies have no adverse effect. Other dosage forms have 1.5% wettable powder, 50% water dispersible granule. Use per hectare WP 150 ~ 270g (effective components of 75 ~ 135g) of 450 - 750KG water spray.


C. Pyrethroid Insecticide 

1. Deltamethrin

Also called disashi, is efficient, broad-spectrum pyrethroids. With strong contact toxicity, stomach toxicity and repellent activity, down fast, no systemic activity and fumigation effect. Can cure lawn grass, crops, fruit trees more than 140 kinds of pests, but for mites, cotton boll weevil, and rice planthopper the stem borer (after stem borer) effect is poor. There are 2.5% decis. Preparation of pest control in 2000 ~ 3000 times liquid spray.


2. Fenvalerate

The commodity name for Sumicidin, fenvalerate, fenvalerate, killing speed Ding, Western fenvalerate, fenvalerate, isoamyl cyanate, fenvalerate, efficient, broad-spectrum insecticidal of pyrethroid insecticides, have certain stomach toxicity and repellent activity, no absorption activity and the fumigation effect, but most of the pest control most of the lawn of mite pest effect is poor, easy to produce resistance. Pest control with 2000 ~ 3000 times liquid spray.


3. Fenpropathrin

The commodity name for the genus MEOTHRIN, pyrethroid insecticides have contact toxicity and stomach function, and have some repellent effect, no absorption activity and fumigation effect, broad insecticidal spectrum, and spider mites have good control effect. For the control of pests of vegetables, flowers, lawn and mites. Preparations of 20% EC. Control of cotton bollworm in the incubation period, peach borer in spawning period (fruit egg rate of 1%), the prevention and control of Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella 20% EC 2000 ~ 3000 times every 7 ~ l0d spray, spray once, can cure mites.


4. Cypermethrin

Also known as an emerald, 100, Sipoke, Xing Mianbao, broad-spectrum insecticide, touch, can be used to control fruit, vegetables, grass and other plants on Coleoptera, Lepidoptera and Diptera pests, but also to control insect pests, can also prevent livestock parasites of the genus Boophilus and micro parasites in vitro the sheep ked itch mite, and other kinds of mite, cockroach, mosquito, fly and other insect vectors have good effect. There are 5% forms of EC, 10% EC, 20% EC, 12.5% wettable powder, 20% wettable powder, 1.5% ultra low volume spray to control aphids in 10%. EC 225 per hectare to 4 50mL (a.i.22.5 to 45g) spray, once again after 7 to l0d, can control the harm of aphids.


5. Lambadacyhalothrin


The commodity name for the other name for the three time, cyfluthrin, Cypermethrin, cyfluthrin, Cypermethrin, karate, have a strong contact toxicity and stomach function, also have repellent effects, wide pesticidal spectrum, inhibition of mites both on larvae of Lepidoptera and Orthoptera Homoptera, Hemiptera, controleffect and other pests are very good. For the control of flowers, lawn, ornamental plants. Most pests of Cyhalothrin on bees, silkworm, fish and aquatic organisms are highly toxic. In normal dosage, the bees safe. There are 2.5% forms of Kung Fu with 2.5% per hectare of EC. EC 300 ~ 600mL Water 750KG is used to spray. This drug can only inhibit mite, and it can not be used as a acaric agent to prevent and control mite, and can not be mixed with alkaline substance.


D. Benzoyl urea insecticide


1. Hexaflumuron

The other name of Hexaflumuron, has very high insecticidal and ovicidal activity and available, especially the control of cotton bollworm. Early in pests (such as the current and the oviposition period of adults was the best in the lawn and spraying), moist air conditions can improve pesticide Hexaflumuron ovicidal effect. The preparation of 5% Hexaflumuron EC in lepidopteran larvae. 2 ~ 3 age peak period, with 5% Hexaflumuron EC in 0.5 ~ 1kg / hm2 (2000 ~ 3000) spray, can control the cotton and fruit trees Coleoptera, Diptera and Lepidoptera pests.


2. Diflubenzuron

Product name to diflubenzuron, another name for diflubenzuron, fluorouracil is killed, benzoylurea insect growth regulator, has special effects on Lepidoptera pests on sucking 20% insects is invalid. Preparation of diflubenzuron suspension. By 1000 ~ 2000 times liquid spray can prevent armyworm, corn, corn iron beetle, cotton bollworm, rice Leaffolder, Chilo suppressalis, citrus Psylla and other pests, and Pieris rapae, diamondback moth, beet armyworm, Spodoptera litura vegetable pests.


3. Flufenoxuron 

Name of commodity for monitoring, widely used for citrus, grapes, cotton, soybean, corn and coffee, on Phytophagous mites (mite, short beard mites, mites, rust mite, Tetranychus telarius etc.) and many other pests have effects on predatory mites and insects. The preparation is safe 5% cascade dispersion liquid. Control diamondback moth, beet armyworm, wild cabbage moth, armyworm, dosage of cotton leaf armyworm is an effective component of 20 ~ 40g / hm2, the prevention and control of cotton bollworm, cotton bollworm, dosage of Polyphagotarsonemus latus is an effective component of 50 ~ l00g / hm2, prevention and cure Panonychus ulmi and pear leaf moth, citrus tree Citrus total claw mite with a dose of 10 ~ 30g / hm2.


4. Ehlorfluazuron

Product name to chlorfluazuron, chlorfluazuron, dominated by the stomach toxicity, with contact action. A variety of Lepidoptera and Orthoptera, Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Diptera pests have very high activity to Lepidoptera pests such as beet armyworm, Spodoptera litura have special effects, on sucking pests is invalid, residual effective period usually lasts 2~3 weeks, on the use of organophosphorus, carbamate, pyrethroid insecticides and other resistant pests and has good control effect. Preparations of 5% chlorfluazuron EC. The optimum control period should be mastered in the incubation period to 1~2 instar larvae stage, with 5% EC 1000~2000 times liquid (effective concentration 1 2.5 ~ 16.7mg / kg) spray.


E. The Chloroyl Chloride Insecticide


1. Imidacloprid

Also known as imidacloprid, imidacloprid, neonicotinoid is a quasi efficient, low toxicity broad-spectrum systemic insecticide, with stomach toxicity and contact toxicity, long duration of sucking pest control effect. There are 10% formulations of imidacloprid WP, 5% imidacloprid EC is mainly used for prevention and treatment. Crops, flowers, lawn sucking pests. By 10% wettable powder of 600 ~ 1050g / hm2 with 900 ~ 1125kg uniform spray can control aphids and planthopper.


2. Acetamiprid 

The commodity name for acetamiprid acetamiprid, acetamiprid, of Homoptera (especially aphid), efficient Thysanoptera and lepidopteran pests. Against organophosphorus, carbamate and pyrethroid and other pests are efficient. The duration of aphids, and diamondback moth Carposina niponensis can 13 ~ 20% 22d. dosage form soluble powder, 13% acetamiprid EC. The pesticides and other insecticides in compatibility, integrated pest management system.


F. Common Acaric Acarkite


1. Pyridahen 

Product name to pyridaben, pyridaben, pyridaben, pyridaben net, is heterocyclic acaricides. Acaricidal broad spectrum, contact resistance, no systemic effect, conduction and fumigation effect; can inhibit mite metamorphosis, various growth stages of spider mites (egg, larva, if the mites and mite) have good control effect; quick acting, long duration, up to 30 ~ 60d; and acaricides. No cross resistance in mites. Active constant spray preparation has 15% pyridaben EC, 20% pyridaben WP. Anti mite of apple, hawthorn apple leaf mites, in the early flowering stage, with 20% WP 2500 times liquid spray Fog; anti - all claw mites are evenly sprayed with 3000~4000 times liquid, which can be used to treat mite.


2. Hexythiazox

The commodity name for Nisolon, for the non systemic acaricide, is effective for the insect mites; available, long duration; and organic phosphorus, three dicofol. No cross resistance for mites control fruit protection plants. In mite period constant spray 5%. Preparation of Nisolon Nisolon 5% EC and WP.


3. Clofentezine

The commodity name for Apollo, clofentezin, for specific acaricide, mainly on the performance of mite eggs of high biological activity, have certain control effect on young mites, persistence is longer. For the prevention and treatment of ornamental plants, vegetables and lawn protection mites on plants. The eggs of the spraying. The effective ingredients and preparation of light, air and thermal stability. The rat acute oral LD50 3200mg/kg. preparation 50% Apollo suspending agent, 20% Apollo suspending agent.


4. Fenbutatin 

Product name to Tolk, after the tin tin mites, mites, other name of cyhexatin, can effectively prevent the insect activity of phytophagous mites, and the effect can be maintained for longer periods of time. Neophyltin with effective components of 20 ~ 50g / hm2 spray, mainly used for ornamental plants such as berries and grapes. Drupe on eriophyidae and mites, mites, especially on Panonychus species and genus Tetranychus mites have high efficiency, non-toxic to predatory arthropod animal. Preparations are 50% Tolk WP, 25% Tolk suspension.


G. Other Insecticides And Acaric Agents


1. Buprofezin 

Product name to buprofezin, thiadiazole triazine two insect growth regulators on some Coleoptera and Hemiptera and Acarina pests, pest mites have long-lasting larvicidal activity, can effectively prevent mites, planthoppers, leafhoppers, trees and ornamental parlatoria mealybug and citrus whitefly. Stimulation of buprofezin on eyes and skin. The minimal preparation with 25% buprofezin WP. 25% WP 300 ~ 450g / hm2 or 1000 ~ 1500 times of spray.


2. regent (jipronil) and gastric toxicity in plants have strong absorption effect and knockdown activity, including aphid, leafhopper, planthopper, Lepidoptera larvae, insecticidal effect of a series of important pests were flies and Coleoptera, is very high. There are 5% forms of rubber suspension agent, 20% suspension agent, 0.3% granules, 1.5% granules, 2% granules. The prevention and control of thrips, diamondback moth, leaf roller and other pests, 5% per hectare with rubber suspension agent 300mL on water spray, valid 14D. fipronil pesticide in fish and honey bee toxicity and should be used cautiously. Soil treatment should pay attention to and soil In order to maximize the advantages of low doses, the soil is fully mixed.