Quality Status Of Insecticide Spray

Quality status of insecticide spray

Aerosol is mainly used to kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other insects, along with the improvement of people's living standards, it has become the indispensable necessities of life. The aerosol by aerosol cans, insecticide, valves and propellant composition, chemical work press pressure valves will be sprayed out of its effective components. There are tetramethrin, permethrin, cypermethrin and so on.


There are more than 200 domestic pesticide enterprises , more than 300 varieties , mainly distributed in Shandong , Jiangsu , Zhejiang , Guangdong , Shanghai , Hebei , Tianjin and other provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government . Most of them are small and medium - sized enterprises . Large enterprises generally have their own product research and development centers , and have relatively perfect detection equipment and high automation degree filling production lines . The quality of the products can be guaranteed , and the production efficiency is high . Many small and medium - sized enterprises do not have the above conditions . Especially , some domestic enterprises have invested in improving the quality and quality of products . In addition, a small number of illegal enterprises in order to reduce production costs, in addition to the rough manufacture, batching, filling are all manual operations. Pesticides and reagents that are banned and phased out by the State are also used.


In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and promote the orderly and healthy development of the insecticidal aerosol industry, recently, the State Administration of quality Supervision and Quarantine conducted a national supervision and sampling inspection on the quality of insecticide aerosol products. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and other nine provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions 67 kinds of products, qualified 42, product sampling pass rate is 62.7%.


According to the compulsory national GB18419-2001, nearly 40% of the products were not qualified according to the compulsory national GB18419-2001. The main product quality problems are: name, trademark, factory name, site, net content, active component and content, product standard number. Production date and shelf life or production lot number and limited date. This spot check products are not qualified for marking 2 products, mainly the tank sign content is not complete, unmarked effective ingredient content, and so on.


2 . The internal pressure does not conform to the mandatory national standard . The internal pressure of the insecticidal aerosol product under constant temperature of 55 shall be controlled in the range of 0.5 MPa ~ 1.0Mpa . If the internal pressure is too large , it is easy to produce the tank leakage or even burst during storage , transportation and use of the product . The internal pressure is only 0.3Mpa , which affects the spraying effect of the aerosol . The pressure in the other two products is obviously more than 1.0Mpa , and there is a hidden danger of leaking or even bursting of the liquid medicine .


Three is the content of the effective ingredients. Lack of effective component content of aerosol insecticide directly affects the aerosol insecticidal effect and inhaled air quality and taste, is one of the most important indicators of aerosol insecticides. The sample in the content of effective components of unqualified products were 14, accounted for 56%. of the overall product quality problem is not qualified the total number of products is more serious, the effective ingredients of some products only express the content of the effective components of 12%, it is difficult to achieve its insecticidal effect.


Fourth, the net content of the product is insufficient. According to the regulations of "Insecticidal aerosol for household hygiene products", the net content of the insecticide aerosol is marked with volume or quality unit. The maximum net content shall not exceed 1000mL (or 1000g / L), and the deviation shall be in accordance with the relevant regulations. There are 12 products whose net content indexes do not meet the requirements of the national standard for quantitative packaging. It accounts for 48% of the unqualified products in this spot check, some of which are only about 80% of its explicit net content. Due to the need of special equipment for the measurement of aerosol net capacity, the average consumer cannot carry out the test. A few manufacturers use the labeled net capacity to achieve " The purpose of Quejinduanliang "to deceive consumers, harm the interests of consumers.


Since the insecticidal aerosol is a flammable and explosive pressure - bearing product , and also relates to the quality of life of thousands of families , the present invention has various quality problems such as large variety of insecticidal aerosol , poor quality and high quality of fish . As a result, we should do a good job in the rectification work of disqualified enterprises, publicize qualified products and guide consumption, strengthen supervision over the quality of insecticide aerosols in production enterprises, and urge enterprises to improve their quality, so as to better safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.