Safe Purchase, Use And Preservation Of Insecticides In Summer

Safe Purchase, Use And Preservation Of Insecticides In Summer

Summer is full of bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, ants and so on. Many people find insecticide aerosols easy to use, but in fact, spraying too much can be harmful. Many people think that the insecticide's insecticidal effect is proportional to its strong taste, but the taste is only related to the deodorization effect of the insecticide's kerosene.

The quality of insecticides will directly affect the health of people, and the improper selection and use of pesticides may bring harm to the body. Therefore, when purchasing household insecticide products, we should try our best to choose well-known brands, and be correct and scientific. The rational use of pesticides.

Consumers often think that the stronger the smell of the aerosol, the better it should be, but it is not. In addition to the pesticide itself, one of the important reasons is that some of the solvents used also produce strong irritating odors.

For example, most of the aerosol insecticides use kerosene as a solvent. If the deodorization effect of kerosene is not good, the smell of the aerosol insecticides is stronger. So the difference in the odour of different insecticides is due in large part to the deodorization effect of kerosene.

Precautions for the purchase of insecticide aerosol

Buy to see the outer packaging of the effective ingredients and content, generally marked with permethrin, propargyl and deltamethrin insecticide aerosol is highly effective and low toxicity. Some fake and inferior products with high-toxic pesticides do not indicate these toxic ingredients on the outer packaging.

Also, pay attention to whether the bottom of the tank is complete, rust, leakage and penetration.

Insecticidal aerosol is convenient to use, but excessive spraying will also have certain toxicity to human body, so we must pay attention to safety and prevent poisoning when using insecticide aerosol at home.

Precautions for using insecticide aerosol

Flies and mosquitoes are sprayed in the air at an angle of 45 degrees.

In addition to proper operation, after spraying aerosol, it is best to leave the room, close the doors and windows for half an hour to an hour, and then enter the room to open the window ventilation.

Children in the home, do not let them contact with any pesticides, lest damage the body.

Be careful when using insecticides in the kitchen and collect food and tableware before spraying.

Precautions for Preservation of Insecticidal Aerosol

The organic solvents in the insecticide aerosol are flammable and explosive chemicals, and there is a certain pressure in the tank. If the storage is not properly preserved, it will be dangerous.

Do not put it in a place where the sun is hot, try to put it in a cool, ventilated place, and do not crush and collide in order to avoid accidents.

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