Significant Inspection Of Health Insecticides

In order to effectively regulate the market of hygienic insecticides, Linyi Municipal Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau has carried out special inspections of sanitary insecticides in the city since July, focusing on the International Trade City Riyongbaihu business district, Linyi City Market, large supermarkets and other health pesticide units to carry out a centralized inspection.

For the anti-mosquito, pest control of the health of pesticide products is closely linked with people's lives in pesticide products, its quality directly affects the health of the human body. In this regard, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau carefully organized, in the implementation of daily grid regulation on the basis of specialized deployment of agricultural law enforcement business backbone, focusing on the International Trade City Riyongbaihu business district, non-staple food market and other health pesticide products source Wholesale market for carpet inspection. In the inspection process, the law enforcement officers on the market, the supermarket operating pesticides, mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, mothballs and other pesticides pesticide registration, the active ingredient content, labeling logo according to the new standard Situation to focus on inspection. From the results of the inspection, the city's total quality of health pesticide products than in the past have greatly improved, did not find suspected illegal production and sales of health insecticides, but also found that some products did not obtain pesticide registration certificate or pesticide Registration certificate has not expired, the label is not standardized and other issues, this comprehensive administrative law enforcement agencies were based on the relevant laws and regulations of the relevant provisions, given the corresponding administrative penalties.

At the same time to create an atmosphere of action to improve the effectiveness of action, the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau also special joint industrial and commercial and market management units in the health of pesticides operating in the market area to carry out promotional activities, focusing on the purchase of health insects and the use of common sense , The identification of nonconforming products and hazards, production and processing of health pesticide products such as the content of the content of a wide range of publicity, and achieved good results, but also effectively deter some illegal production, operating health pesticide product behavior, from The source maintains the order of the health insecticides market.

This is really gratifying.