Use Mosquito Coil Do Not Forget To Prevent Fire!

Summer weather is hot, is also the peak period of mosquito breeding, every household is basically equipped with mosquito incense, mosquito repellent and other anti-mosquito supplies, but in the release of mosquitoes, also has the possibility of fire.

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Many citizens think that the dish does not cause a fire. According to a professional introduction, the disk type mosquito repellent incense is mainly composed of sticky wood powder, charcoal powder and medicine. After burning, the maximum temperature of the fire point can reach 700 -800 , and the temperature around the fire point 1 cm can reach 130 , enough to allow mosquito nets, cotton cloth, and sponges with low ignition point. Clothes, paper, firewood and other combustible substances were lit.


The mosquito - repellent incense must be fixed on a special iron frame , and the iron frame is preferably placed in a porcelain dish or a metal ware , so that the combustible materials such as window cloth , mosquito net , bed cloth and the like can be watched not to be near to the window cloth , the mosquito net , the bed cloth and the like , so as to avoid clothes hung on the bed or the wardrobe , and the bed cloth falls on the mosquito incense .


Safety tips for the use of mosquito incense:


When there are flammable liquids (gasoline, alcohol, etc.) and combustible gases, it is not appropriate to light mosquito incense indoors. Rural wooden houses more, avoid mosquito incense directly on the floor. In the use of electric fans, special care should be taken not to blow the wind directly at the mosquito incense, not only to prevent Mars from being blown away by the wind, but also to avoid the wind of clothing and other combustible substances falling on the mosquito incense.


Before going to bed, should check mosquito incense, ensure safety, then go to sleep. When you go out, be sure to keep the mosquito incense quiet. Be careful when you extinguish the mosquito incense. It is best to flush the mosquito incense head with cold water to avoid leaving any danger.


The use of electric inserted mosquito incense, if in a long-term state of power, prone to fire. After heating electric mosquito incense, the temperature can reach 700 -800 . When the electric heater is short-circuited, the original heating plate of constant temperature is out of order, and the plug and socket are not in contact with each other, the electric heater is prone to fire.


Safety tips for the use of electric mosquito repellent incense:


In the purchase of electric mosquito incense, must select better quality, regular manufacturers of products.


In use, do not put electric mosquito incense in furniture and bed adjacent, do not arbitrarily pull electric plug and lead, if the hot wire is not red, should first cut off the power supply, and then check the plug, lead and mosquito repellent connection.


After each application, must first unplug the power supply, cooling before finishing, do not use wet cloth to scrub or water or other liquids sprinkled on electric mosquito incense, to avoid causing short circuit.


When the electric mosquito repellent incense chip is not used, the power must be disconnected in time and placed in a safe direction.