Use Of Insecticide And Spray Insecticides

Use of insecticide and spray insecticides

1.The global pesticide industry generally support the isomers of chiral compounds with different biological activity were separated and purified, into the body to reduce the inefficient environment, the void volume, and reduce the exposure dose harm to the environment and the operating personnel; at the same time in the prevention and control of crops have the same control effect under the condition can be greatly reduced the agent cost savings in consumption field. These chiral pesticides on research and application of purified enantiomers, efficient products of pesticides in the most powerful is cyhalothrin and cyhalothrin.


2.The Ministry of agriculture and the third wave plate by promising insecticide armyworm

Jiang Yuying, researcher at the National Agricultural Technology Extension and service center said that this year the two generation armyworm occurrence degree is nearly 10 years of heavy, after local treatment in time, although the two generation armyworm has been effectively controlled, but the residual larvae were significantly higher than the annual and multi point last year. According to the survey, the two generation armyworm larvae were residual over the previous year 56% more than 147% year high, with large insect source occurred. At the end of July to mid August is the year three generation armyworm occur, according to the weather forecast, this year this period most corn producing areas more rainfall, conducive to the three generation armyworm outbreak, the country is expected to occur three generation armyworm area of 60 million acres Above, in mid August will enter the peak of occurrence, the northeast, North China, the main producing areas of corn Huanghuaihai may place emphasis, occurrence situation in some areas. A cre securities research report that this year, North China, the outbreak of armyworm disaster, good pesticide company, such as evergreen shares, Yangnong, Sanonda A, Lier Chemical.


3.The development trend of the 2015 year pesticide industry

The past 20 years, China's rapid development of insecticide, is due to the introduction of foreign advanced technology and many new varieties, two domestic enterprises strive to make raw materials and formulations of insecticides mainly most can be produced, and to improve the quality and development of new types of drug development. The following is the pesticide industry the development trend of the global warming caused by pest activity, and then bring the use of pesticides on growth in agricultural production, and the occurrence of pests and diseases is closely linked to climate change, if weather conditions on the growth of harmful pests would greatly reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases of the degree, so as to reduce the use of pesticides. Usually, cold weather will kill overwintering pests, and winter will make the pest outbreaks in the coming years. According to the latest monitoring results published by the World Meteorological Organization, 2000-2009 is a global system of meteorological observation records in 1880 since the 10 warmest years, climate warming will lead to diseases and pests activities increased, resulting in pesticides the amount of sustained growth. The pesticides still maintain international pesticide market main body status of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides etc. three kinds of pesticides is the main international pesticide market. According to the pesticide industry analysis and Market Research Report to 2004, insecticidal Agent, fungicide, herbicide for global pesticide market sales accounted for 25:24:48.2009 years, pesticides still occupy the global pesticide market 25%, including North America and Western Europe will remain the largest market share, accounting for about 70%. of the entire market safety of pesticides increasing requirements of global pesticide industry is also facing a series of new requirements at the same time in the development, which for many years the use of pesticides cause different degrees of pollution to the environment and human and animal, therefore, the international community on pesticide efficiency, low toxicity, low residue, no pollution and the increasingly high demand, especially in the pesticide industry is more obvious. Therefore, with the increasing awareness of food safety, and environmental protection awareness, highly toxic, high residue pesticide varieties and scope will further restricted, and efficient, low toxicity of pesticides, will be environmentally friendly and less resistance have become more and more widely used. This brings the high toxic pesticide intermediate products the life cycle has come to an end or a recession, but the new pesticide intermediate because of its downstream products with high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue, is in growth, more profitable.


4.The misuse of the spray insecticide and the explosion far away from the high temperature exposure of the power supply

Spray insecticide is commodity many family standing, but the safety precautions in use are often neglected. Recently, a Beijing housewife with spray insecticide spray burning gas stove near the cockroaches, the results of an explosion accident. Tianjin University professor Wang Hong reminded the public use of chemical engineering, spray insecticide, must keep away from fire the daily storage, to avoid high temperature exposure and violent collision. Spraying insecticide used to kill cockroaches, flammable organic compounds often contain a considerable number of its components in case of fire burns easily. When the spray mist liquid and air mixture to a certain proportion, the event of fire, spark High temperature or other external trigger conditions, may be extremely dangerous explosion. Therefore, people in the use of insecticide spray, must be in strict accordance with the instructions and safety tips on the bottle to operate, away from the fire source, power supply, avoid static friction, to avoid the high temperature, the exposure under the environment of storage, do not squeeze on, should at low temperature, cool and dry place to save. Some people used to spray pesticides on the kitchen, balcony, cars and other high temperature environment, these practices should be avoided. In addition, people's daily life in contact activities there are many "dangerous goods" also need special attention, such as dew, car perfume, Hair gel, mousse, air freshener, wedding with ribbons sprays. These bottled goods are the same and insecticide spray, there is a danger of flammable and explosive, the general public before use, be sure to read the instructions. In the storage and use of the process, to keep away from fire, avoid high temperature and electrostatic spark, improper the use of the potential security risks effectively eliminated.


5.Why most spray insecticides use kerosene and alcohol as solvents

Since no solvent water as insecticide explosion, why are manufacturers or to use kerosene and alcohol as a solvent for the production of pesticides? From cost considerations, water as the solvent when the need for water purification, commonly known as "water", because the general tap water contains many examples of sodium, potassium and calcium ions however, effective components of insecticide spray is pyrethroid (e.g. 0.3% tetramethrin, 0.2% Cypermethrin, 0.1% d-allethrin), pyrethroids will be destroyed and lost water ion toxicity to insects. Therefore, generally require the use of ion exchange resin or distillation technology The "water deionized water", the production cost is not low, so many manufacturers also love using kerosene and ethanol as solvent. The use of organic solvents is also related to the insecticidal effect. Many insects, such as cockroaches, the surface has a layer of wax, it seems a little oil, this kind of wax is waterproof. The water is very difficult to penetrate, and kerosene and alcohol these organic solvents will penetrate to kill insects. So, in general, organic solvent (kerosene or alcohol) spray insecticide to kill the pests is better than inorganic solvent (water) well.