What Are The Hazards Of Pesticides?

1, the damage to the human nervous system. Insecticidal aerosols in the pyrethroids are toxic, the body's nervous system will cause harm, so that dizziness and headache and nerve paralysis, thinking slow, especially some insecticidal aerosol contains a large number of pyrethroids, The greater the harm of the human body.

2, pesticide auxiliary components are mostly benzene and benzene homologues, when the body inhalation of pesticides, will damage the human blood circulation system, induced bone marrow disease or blood diseases.

3, when the insecticide aerosol improper use, there will be burning and explosion phenomenon. Because most of the insecticidal aerosol ingredients in alcohol and ethanol, air pump and bottle friction, spark, plus alcohol, will occur burning phenomenon. In addition, the pesticide liquid spray, the propane, butane components and air mixture will form an explosive mixture, in the event of open flame, spark or high temperature will explode.