Aerosol Clothes Ironing Spray Starch Easy One 567g

Aerosol Clothes Ironing Spray Starch Easy One 567g
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Aerosol Clothes Ironing Spray Starch Easy One 567g


Beter Chemical recommend EASY ONE Clothes Ironing Spray. It is even better than Easy On Spray Starch.
Size of our Ironing Spray Starch                                                      


Size567g(20 OZ)
Height without CoverΦ65mmX200mm
Height with CoverΦ65mmX245mm
QTY in 20'gp2275CTNs
QTY in 40HQOverweight
Package12pcs per pallet+shrink


A. Features of our products
1. Highlights all colors. 
2. Easily removes wrinkles for a crisp
3. Good smell and no harm to clothes
Easy on Double starch provides a professional looking, long lasting finish with extra crispness. After use, your fabrics look super crisp and stay that way longer. Helps give heavier fabrics such as collars, cuffs, linen and denim a sharp professional look. 
B. Products Packing


C. Product Description
1) Shake well before and during use;
2) Hold can 6-10 inches from fabric & spray at 45°angle.

3) Do not spray upside down,  will lost gas pressure.
4) Allow enough time for spray to penetrate fabric before ironing.
5) Spray fabric with an even sweeping back and forth motion.
6) Repeat spray for additional crispness.
7) Do not over soak by over starching.
8) Spray and iron large garments a portion at a time.

D. Are there any notes of our Ironing Spray Starch?
1.Contents under pressure. Do not expose to heat or open flame, or store at temperatures above 120℉(50℃).
2.Do not spray near naked flame or incandescent material.
3.Avoid contamination of food.
4.This product is not recommended for use on vinyl & leather surfaces.
5.Do not spray toward face.
6.Use only as directed. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents   can be harmful or fatal.
7.Keep out of reach of children. 


COMPANY INFORMATION                                                                                                                         


FAQ (frequently asked questions)

A. What is our minimum order quantity?

1*20'gp if no stock. Please contact us to check stock.
B. What is our delivery time?
13-20working days after confirmation all production details. It would be changed if on hot sale season.
C. What are our payment terms?
TT, LC or Western Union are acceptable.
D. What is our delivery port?
Guanghzou, China.
E. What brands can we offer?
EASY ONE, MAGIC SIZING, BETER CHEMICAL are our own belonging brands, you will get better quality and better support with same prices. OEM are available.
F. How could you got free samples?
Samples are all free. Please contact us for free samples.

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