Non-Starch Formula Extra Crisp Finsh Ironing Aid High Quality

Non-Starch Formula Extra Crisp Finsh Ironing Aid High Quality
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Non-Starch Formula Extra Crisp Finsh Ironing Aid High Quality


Easy ONE Ironing Aid is with Non-Starch Formula and Extra Crisp Finish.
Beter Chemical might be the cheapest factory you could ever found in China!!!
What is the specification of our Non-Starch Formula Spray Starch?                                                                 

SizeHeight without CoverHeight with CoverQTY in 20’gpQTY in 40HQPackage
567g(20 OZ)Φ65mmX200mmΦ65mmX245mm2275cartonsOverweight12pieces per pallet+shrink

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A. What is our Extra Crisp Finish features?
1. Makes ironing easier;
2. Easily removes wrinkles for a crisp;
3. Keep clothes away from wrinkle;
4. No harm to skin and clothes;
5. Highlights all colors;
6. Easy to be absorbed by fabric;
7. 567g/Clothes Fabric Refreshener Ironing Starch Spray.

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B. How to pack our Extra Crisp?

Extra Crisp.jpg

C. Are there any caution of our Extra Crisp?
1.Contents under pressure. Do not expose to heat or open flame, or store at temperatures above 120℉(50℃).
2.Do not spray near naked flame or incandescent material.
3.Avoid contamination of food.
4.This product is not recommended for use on vinyl & leather surfaces.
5.Do not spray toward face.
6.Use only as directed. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling the contents   can be harmful or fatal.
7.Keep out of reach of children.

Why choose our COMPANY?                                                                 

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FAQ (frequently asked questions) 

A. What is our MOQ(minimum order quantity)?
1*20'gp if no stock. When containers leave, we might have stock that is convenient for you. Please contact us to check stock.
B. What are our payment terms?
TT(bank transfer) or LC at sight are both acceptable.
C. What brands can we offer?
OEM are available. If you select our own EASY ONE, MAGIC SIZING, BETER CHEMICAL or other our own belonging brands, you will get better quality and better support with same prices.
D. How could you got free samples?
Samples are all free. But express fees should be affored by you. However, once ordered we will refund these fees to you.

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